Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Which one?

I have put myself in a dilemma, well if you can call it a dilemma. My good friends Jackie and Sonny have invited me to live with them in Austin this summer. I know most are probably thinking, "Living in Austin doesn't sound like a dilemma!" but wait there's more (cue dramatic orchestral number.) I haven't told my best friend Berny yet. The original plan was for her and I to live together in San Antonio this summer. We both would work full time during the duration of the summer, and in the fall we would go back to school in San Antonio. Now don't get me wrong, San Antonio seems like a nice place to raise a family and from what I've heard they have some excellent schools. But if your a big fan of anything artsy-fartsy, like me, then Austin is probably a better choice. I don't know how exactly I'm going to tell Berny yet, but I should probably get it over with.

P.S. Last Saturday I had mentioned that I worked for a Fashion Label Phar-Out last summer. The pictures above are some samples. These cardigans where hand selected by Urban Outfitters for the Re-construction label and are being sold in select stores nation wide.

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Brandi Henderson said...

If I were you I would just go ahead and tell your friend, instead of prolonging it to the last minute. I wouldn't want to risk hurting someones feelings by not telling them straight up how you feel, especially if they are a good friend.