Saturday, January 26, 2008

Art or Vandalism?

According to El Paso's graffiti has become an increasing issue among citizens and politicians alike. While I would agree that graffiti can at times be a sight for soar eyes, it may also be original forms of pop-art and culture. In my opinion people need to differentiate themselves with gang-related graffiti and what is now known as "street art". While gang-related graffiti is used to mark territory and show honor to a gang, street art on the contrary is used as means of artistic expression. The street artist I do know personally all say that they are contributing to a new rising art movement. I'm sure driving around El Paso people have noticed "Elma the Giraffe" or the "Androgynous Face" posted in random places. Now while these postings may be aesthetically appealing to some, they have become a nuisance for others. In order to deal with this "problem" I propose that we do what major metropolitan cities have done, that is have designated graffiti spots for artist.

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La Cri said...

Mr. Shoegazer, love the pictures. As well, I agree with your post...some parts. Wouldn´t you agree though that gang´s "graffiti" is also a way of "artistic expression." It may not be our taste, but it is still discourse, and expression. Take some more pictures of graffiti or street art and post them. Continue exploring these ideas. How would rhetoric play a role in street art? This could be your research project. Check out my blog. I have some cool pics. up from my visit to San Angelo, Texas.
Your Prof., Mrs. R