Sunday, March 9, 2008

The War of Words

If you haven't noticed, a war of words has been brewing up against the Democratic Presidential Candidates Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. In my English 1312 class we have been studying the effect use of Rhetoric and it's powerful impact on the masses.
Barack Obama, who proves to be the voice of the young, has gained many followers due to his fluid style of persuasion and knowledge. Barack's speaking has been credited as one of the best speakers of our time. His ability to stir the emotions of America has led to the comparison of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.
In recent allegations however, Hillary Clinton the Senator from New York, has launched an attack on Barack's credibility on the sources of Baracks rhetorical speeches. She successfully pointed that Obama's "Just Words" speech was actually the words of Deval Patrick (one of Obama's friends and co-strategist.)
In today's society the credibility of a person is always questioned, and in my opinion should be questioned. Barack Obama has made a mark on American Rhetoric, but are they actually his own ideas?

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La Cri said...

Glad that this class on rhetoric has made you more aware of the words that are being flung around in our election year. Good question at the end. "Are they all his ideas?" Let's think about really how much our ideas, or what we think are our ideas, really belong to the collective. Glad you're thinking, Eric. :0 Love to see my students thinking!

Mrs. R